I was lazing around one afternoon, when I saw the below message on my phone. I have received similar messages in the past and I knew better. This time though, I decided to indulge myself. Plus, what if Mrs.Nora Smith really is a kind soul and she’s chosen me!! I could use some charity.

So I dusted off an old email ID which I hadn’t used in a few years, and sent a note to the immensely benevolent Mrs.Nora Smith. At this point I didn’t know what to expect, so I thought of a fictitious name and wrote to her / him / them at the email given in the SMS, smithmrsnora@gmail.com. It was a short email in which I mentioned that I received an SMS from her, mentioned my name and said I’m very happy to receive her donation. For good measure, I also mentioned that I conduct a lot of charity myself and that I’ll use her money for doing further charity work….I know what you’re thinking. The last part was cheesy, but just play along.

The response came in about two hours from the email ID noted above. It was a rather long email so it’s too much effort to summarize so here’s the screenshot:

India Networking Data Base, huh? Sounds legit, right? I Googled it. There’s no such thing. Further, it was mentioned that Mrs.Nora Smith’s husband had deposited US $2.7M in a bank located at 1 Great Winchester Street, EC2N 2DB London,GB . A quick Google Maps search for the address revealed this:

Looks like the most secure bank. If you read the message carefully, you’ll notice a few more details that are illogical but you get the hang of it.

I responded the following day saying I’m sad for her situation, said God will bless her for her kindness and asked for her lawyer’s contact details so that I can have the money transferred to my account. Again, I received a response in a few hours. Here’s the response:

I was asked to contact Barr. Damian Lee at barrdamianlee@gmail.com.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story in Part 2.

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