SMS-based Charity / Donation Scam – Part 3

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Alright, now sh**’s about to get real…I guess.

It’s time for the payout!! Right? ….Not yet. By now it’s been a few weeks since this thing has been going on. So far, I have only been asked for documents and information (e.g., Govt IDs, bank details, contact details), which I’d furnished in earnest, albeit fake ones. It took some effort!

After furnishing all the information, I finally received the below email from our friend, Barrister Damian Lee (from Here’s what it said:

Below are the two attachments:

And the other one:

Clearly, they’re trying hard to seem genuine. But there are many telltale signs to indicate that this is a fraud. What I wasn’t sure about is why would they go to such extra lengths to convince me further? By this time, I’d already shared my Govt IDs, full name, address and contact details along with my bank account details. For a bit, I started to wonder if they’d figured out that I was playing them and that they’re just playing along.

Honestly, after going through this for a weeks with these guys, I had a tiny feeling that maybe…just maybe…I am in fact going to receive 2.7 Million USD from Mrs.Nora Smith. I began to wonder if I’d done the right thing by providing them fake details. Wink..Wink.

So far they’d not asked me for any money. They’d just asked for my details. Is this just identity theft then or is there more coming, I began to wonder.

Stay tuned for Part 4.

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